Adult water dragon

Live plants and substrates that hold moisture also help increase cage humidity, as does misting the cage once or twice a day with a spray bottle. Always remember to replace your UV tube every 6 months unless the manufacturer suggests otherwise. We always include a large sized water bowl in the dragons enclosure. Temperament: Baby and juvenile Chinese Water Dragons can be easily tamed. They like night temperatures between 66 degrees F and 76 degrees F. Population Population threats Collecting for food and for the international pet trade are main threats to Chinese water dragons. Photo by Tricia Power Because they are arboreal, water dragons need branches and other climbing areas inside their enclosures.
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Chinese Water Dragon Care Sheet

Remove the eggs for incubation. Hatchlings are about 2 inches in length snout to vent, up to a total length of 8 inches, when they first emerge from their eggs to take on the world. Feeding These are primarily insectivorous lizards and should be fed a suitable range of insects. Chinese water dragons are not the easiest reptile to care for, but in my opinion, they certainly are one of the most beautiful and worth any extra effort. Two mature males will fight, and these fights can often result in serious injury or even death. Bioactive Custodian Food. A gravid female should have access to a nesting box to lay her eggs.
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Chinese Water Dragon

They are still young but will hopefully breed next season. Adult males grow to approximately 3 feet in length; adult females measure approximately 2 feet. The Art of Keeping Snakes. Hatchlings are well-developed and independent at birth. Cleanliness is mandatory, as water dragons constantly defecate in their water bowls.
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Mountain Horned Dragon. Feeding And Vitamin Supplements Many different feeding routines and diets have been used with varying levels of success the best suited to this set-up will be explained below. Improper temperature ranges can lead to a water dragon with a weakened immune system and inadequate digestion of nutrients due to slower metabolism. Blood and Short-tailed Python Care Sheet The best blood and short-tailed python care and information. Given this, I would try to make about half the land area in a vivarium of the size above as water - and to a depth of at least 15 cms - preferably more like 30 cms. Traditional pet stores do not usually have the means to properly care for water dragons, due to space constraints and, in some cases, a lack of employee knowledge.
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