Spanked by mom barebottom

She paced these blows so there was time for each blow to sink in. He came back for the funeral but did not plan staying very long. Melody would cry herself to sleep tonight after such a thoroughly painful spanking. Christy is in her pajamas and ready for bed. Preview This is a preview of how your comment will appear. My mom asked me if I had on extra panties, but fear took over my voice and I just looked at her.

Stepford Spanking

I asked my mom for a bare bottom spanking

An early night, no supper. Had the author just swapped the plot around from I Spanked My Son's Bottom to give the son's side of this story? P-Please give me a g-good s-spanking on my b-bare b-bottom 'til I c-cry. She needed all the strength she could muster so she would do a thorough job. There is something wonderful and sick and twisted about the world George Orwell painted in this work. Moms gave the spankings.

Mom spanks a girl on her bare bottom | OTD Punishment Memories

When it came it hurt rather more than she had expected, and although she gasped out with the pain, and certainly hated being caned, she still knew that she had to stay in position and take every stroke. And I had not actually considered her. Stephanie kept on crying and when the Jill was done she set the yardstick down and sat down on the bed. She then proceeded to intensify the hand spanking by spanking each bottom cheek several times in a row before spanking the other bottom cheek several times. Mom also knew that it was not going to be a quick and easy spanking.
One after another, my mom spanked with a fury of spanks. Neither Melody nor Mary had any idea just how many stinging spanks were absorbed by her six-year-old fanny, but it was more than enough to leave it a red-hot burning ball of fiery pain. Please Rate This Submission: 1 2 3 4 5. I groaned and tried to shift my weight to and fro on her thighs to try to avoid some the slaps, but she was relentless and stayed focus on my lower bottom, which sent of an odd tingling sensation to my penis. Jill jumped a little when Stephanie entered the house and yelled hello.
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